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Mateusz A Żurek & Jahmarley Grant

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Mateusz A Żurek & Jahmarley Grant


The Bywa Team is a Chef duo with unique cultural and culinary backgrounds. Jahmarley with a Jamaican background, grew up in the USA & Canada. Mateusz with his Polish upbringing, raised in a family with strong German roots. Together we pull from a diverse collection of tastes informed by our cultural interpretations. Our culinary inspirations range from Japanese, French, Polish, Jamaican, and even Nordic influences.

We love our food heritage and using our cooking talents to highlight the beauty and elegance of some of our favourite traditional flavours. You will taste a collection of dishes both original and traditionally inspired. We have crafted dishes that combine our cultures in a way that will heighten your senses and curiosity. We present to our version of Polish-Jamaican fusion with respect to the local terroir.

Less-waste Restaurant Philoshophy

Food is something that unites. It’s something that is lovingly grown and nurtured for months before it arrives in our shops and restaurants. It’s a social activity, a comfort, an essential, and a luxury.
LOVE YOUR FOOD. Your food is at its best when it’s on your plate (..). It’s at its worst when it’s in your bin. 



We’ve been working together as a culinary collective since 2018 and desire to help our Guests explore ways of eating and drinking in a mindful and creative state. We aim to work with the best ingredients available and do our very best to create the least waste possible


Since we’ve realized that zero-waste movement is a utopia, we are focused on developing our Tasting Menu Concept which maximizes quality and minimizes waste. Working with top quality ingredients and reducing food waste by using the totality of our ingredients, along with nurturing direct partnerships with food producers is core to our cuisine.


The Low Intervention Wine Embassy

While dining you will be able to order from our unique Natural Wine Collection. Don't be alarmed, we stay far away faulty wines. When selecting our wines we choose based on quality, experience, tradition, and environmental impact.

Our dining experience is designed to be enjoyed with low-intervention wines and sakes.

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+351 96 41 41 030

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